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There are many possible solutions to help you keep your computer clean, protected and running smoothly But not all software or hardware is created equal. Our clients often ask what programs we feel do the best job protecting their technology. At TFC TECH, we spend much of our time troubleshooting home and business computers and have discovered a few programs that we feel are best for keeping your computer clean and safe.

What the heck is that, and should I install/update it?

  • A new operating system is coming out:  DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!  We recommend waiting at least 6 months to 1 year to start using a new operating system.  Let others be the guinea pigs and not you!
  • Java updates - Yes, you want to update this to help with the security of your computer, but make sure you uncheck the box that wants to add extra junk to your computer.
  • Adobe Flash - Yes, you want to update this so certain functions on the web will work. Again, watch out for extra boxes that are checked that don't need to be.
  • Adobe Reader - Yes, same as above.
  • Microsoft Updates - Yes, keep an eye out for these ever reoccurring updates. They can be a pain, but they are usually fixes that Microsoft has added to help your computer run better. HOWEVER - watch out for program upgrades to Internet Explorer.  You may just want to wait a couple months before doing that big upgrade so they can fix issues that come up with others.
  • Antivirus - Do you have one? If so, make sure its doing its job and is up-to-date. We recommend ESET, if you buy an antivirus, and we will uninstall your old one and install the new one for only the cost of the ESET program. If you don't want to pay, AVAST is a freebie and works ok.
  • Antispyware - Malwarebytes works great and you only need the free version. It doesn't run in the background, but if you feel like something is wrong just fire it up, update it and run a scan. Remove anything it finds!

WATCH OUT!  If you go to download anything, MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE PRODUCTS WEBSITE NOT A FALSE SITE.  For instance, if you want to download iTunes, the first selections your search comes up with are usually Ads and they ADD more junk and viruses to your computer so make sure to go to www.apple.com.  If you are unsure, give us a call!

Did I mention BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP! If you don't have a backup you better get started. We have options that make it much cheaper, easier and quicker to handle your backup. Storagecraft (see link to the right) is a great local backup and whole computer backup. IDrive is an amazing cloud backup and to get started all you have to do is click on the link to the right and follow the steps. Get started today or take a chance in never seeing those photos, documents and/or many other important files on your computer again!